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If you want to deal with somebody who cares…

We have just finished our Christmas break in our new cottage, found for us by @heart_felt_home and I wanted to take a moment to thank Sal, & to recommend her services as a house hunter (or House Whisperer as I call her). Our journey was not a straightforward one, but with Sal as our guide at no stage did it feel it was overwhelming or impossible to find the right home at the right price & get through to completion. After following Sal on Instagram for a while, I approached her in the late summer. I was convinced our brief would be very difficult to fill and finding something would take us well into 22. Sal was convinced she would have us in a new home for Christmas! Within a few weeks we were in our stride, looking at options Sal sent us on our WhatsApp group, doing our homework & giving us all a sense of what we could compromise on (location/level of project/size of garden)& what we wouldn’t – it had to have rural views! Sal did not seem daunted by what I felt were very specific, nearly impossible (sometimes conflicting!) requirements, & in her warm but firm way, encouraged us to be open to different scenarios while keeping true to not compromising on the emotional pull of a future home. ‘You’ll know when you know’ she assured us. When she found our cottage in a location we never would have thought of, conducted her visit & then recommended that we come & see it for ourselves, we all fell in love.  Unbelievably it was the first time we had met Sal, as it was that fast to find our cottage. In the sale process Sal was brilliant at representing us in what became a competitive bid, keeping everyone involved calm, and ensuring we did not lose our heads, or faith that if it was meant to be – it would be. We completed just before Christmas, and we could not be happier – it is exactly what we dreamt of one day owning and are so grateful to be the caretaker of such a special home. If you want to deal with somebody who cares, not just about you & your family, but the ongoing history & story of a house – then you really could not do better than ask Sal to be your House Whisperer.  

Mr.  and Mrs. H (London РHampshire)