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About Sally-Ann Freeman

Sally-Ann Freeman

Created by owner Sally-Ann Freeman, Heart Felt Home Search was born out of a passion for people and property.

Sally has relocated her family many times throughout the UK, with children, dogs, pigs and horses in tow. She realised early on that sometimes, even when a house looked perfect on paper, it just didn’t feel like home. A constant source of frustration was the hours wasted travelling the country only to be disappointed, yet again, that the property didn’t live up to expectations.

Having settled, for the last 15 years, in the beautiful Somerset and Devon Countryside, Sally retains her passion for property and her experience of setting up homes from scratch in new places such as Aberdeenshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and London, has given her a wealth of experience in the 'ups and downs' of the buying and selling markets and all the pitfalls, both personal, professional and practical that relocation involves. Sally is based in the South West but is happy to talk to you if your search covers others area of the UK.

Having bought and sold numerous houses and businesses and with previous experience both in Estate Agency and Conveyancing, Sally realised she had a unique skills set. She was inspired to put her experience into action with a straight talking, yet passionate approach to helping people find a home. Her tough negotiating skills, belief in getting the best value for money and ability to stand firm, means that clients will always get a better deal than they would when negotiating alone and will most importantly, enjoy the purchase process along the way.

Sally-Ann Freeman