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Sally continues to provide help & advice every day.

I heard about Sally through her Saturday posts on Instagram featuring beautiful properties for sale. 21st February 2021, I messaged Sally but I still thought I’d try to go it alone. Sally was still there in the background offering advice. May 2021, Sally kindly shared a property with us even though we were not with her. We fell in love with the property near Ashburton but the vendors couldn’t find their dream home so eventually we gave up and started looking again. Over the next few months we found numerous properties which all fell through for lots of delightful reasons including deciding to sell to friends, changing their minds just as we were about to exchange & cash buyers on bicycles. I kept Sally updated, until she’d had enough. We met for lunch & the rest is history! The best help we had was focusing us on what area was right. Much to my delight Sally & my husband worked so well together which was a massive relief for me. Sally brought us together, kept us calm & addressed our worries. She helped me see things from different perspectives which really helped me keep calm with other people within reason!!! Within a month, on only our second viewing we found our HFH. We were first in, the only viewers – job done. 11 weeks later we exchanged. A year to the day when we first messaged we collect the keys to our HFH. Sally continues to provide help & advice everyday. Contact details for Dr’s, vets, cleaners, hairdressers, nail technicians, the local newsletter….. the list is endless. Thank you so much Sally.

Mr. and Mrs. K (Devon – East Devon)